Terra Populus

Integrated Data on Population and Environment

TerraPop's Mission

Enabling research, learning, and policy analysis by providing integrated spatiotemporal data describing people and their environment

Terra Populus integrates the world’s population and environmental data, including

  • Population censuses and surveys
  • Land cover data classified from satellite imagery
  • Temperature, precipitation, and related climate data based on weather station measurements
  • Land use data derived from censuses and surveys in combination with remotely sensed data

Data that are interoperable across time, space, and scientific domain enable researchers to understand the dramatic transformation of the earth’s inhabitants and their environment. TerraPop integrates data across domains through location-based transformations among three major data structures: raster, area-level, and microdata. This integration enables researchers to discover and use datasets from other disciplines that they would otherwise be unfamiliar with or find cumbersome to use. With easy access to data from multiple domains, researchers are empowered to conduct cutting edge cross-disciplinary research to address complex problems at the intersection of human and natural systems.


  • Check out TerraScope - a new map-based portal for exploring the data in the TerraPop collection. TerraScope lets you see where variables are available, display color-coded maps of area-level data, preview raster data, and more. Read more in a recent MPC Use it for Good blog post.

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