• New data! We have released the latest microdata from IPUMS International, along with associated area-level data and boundaries. New geographic levels were also added for many existing datasets. IPUMS Terra now includes first- and second-level harmonized and year-specific boundaries for most microdata and area-level datasets.
  • Check out TerraScope - a new map-based portal for exploring the data in the IPUMS Terra collection. TerraScope lets you see where variables are available, display color-coded maps of area-level data, preview raster data, and more. Read more in a recent MPC Use it for Good blog post.
  • We recently launched a new, completely redesigned Extract Builder user interface to make IPUMS Terra easier to use. New features include:
    • Step-by-step workflow - Guides you through the process of creating an extract, providing the information you need when you need it.
    • Integrated variable and data set selection - See which variables are available for which datasets and make your selections accordingly.
    • Extensive metadata - Access descriptions and other information for variables, datasets, and geographic levels throughout the system.
  • TerraPop was recently featured in the DataONE Newsletter. You can read the issue online via the DataOne Website.
  • Have you tried TerraClip? TerraClip allows you to easily get a country-level subset of selected global raster datasets. TerraClip's simple interface lets you view and download the variable you want for your areas of interest, either as an image or as georeferenced data for use in a GIS.