Unfortunately, we are no longer able to support IPUMS Terra (including both the Extract Builder and TerraClip), and plan to decommission the system at the end of September 2022.

Most of the data in IPUMS Terra will continue to be available through other sources.

  • Microdata are available via IPUMS International
  • Area-level population data are available via IPUMS IHGIS. IHGIS includes data from the published results of dozens of censuses, with additional datasets added regularly. The datasets in IHGIS typically include a much more extensive selection of tables than those currently available in Terra, particularly for censuses not included in IPUMS International. We also plan to incorporate the data tabulated from IPUMS International microdata that are currently available in IPUMS Terra into IHGIS.
  • Boundary shapefiles are available for download from IPUMS International and/or IHGIS, depending on which project houses the associated population data.
  • Raster data on land use, land cover, and climate are available from the data producers. We will compile a web page containing links to the sources of IPUMS Terra’s raster data.

While the base data will still be available, the functionality to transform among data structures on the Terra platform will be lost. We plan to provide a collection of resources with guidance for conducting these transformations on your own.

We are also considering preserving selected transformed data, particularly area-level summaries of raster data, as static files available for download. However, due to the number of raster variables, time points, and boundary shapefiles, it is not feasible to capture every possible combination. In addition, we are hoping to identify partners and funding to eventually carry this functionality forward into other projects.

If you are particularly interested in continued access to area-level summaries of raster data and/or reinstatement of this or other transformation functionality, please complete our survey to guide our priorities.

Please also complete our survey and/or contact us at with any additional feedback or questions.