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Decommissioning Notice: Thank you for using IPUMS Terra. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to support IPUMS Terra (including both the Extract Builder and TerraClip), and plan to decommission the system at the end of September. Please consider requesting any data you anticipate needing well in advance of September 30.

If you would like to provide feedback on data preservation or to inform related future work, please complete this survey.

See additional information on our decommissioning page.

IPUMS Terra integrates population and environmental data across disciplinary scientific domains, enabling research into dramatic transformations of human populations, the environment, and their interactions.

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What is IPUMS?

IPUMS stands for data integrated across time, space and scientific domains. IPUMS makes it easy to study change and conduct comparative research--by imposing consistent codes, supplying detailed documentation, and creating customized datasets. Data and services are available free of charge. Learn more about IPUMS.

TerraScope has been decommissioned as of July 2020. Read More

New data! We have released the latest microdata from IPUMS International, along with associated area-level data and boundaries. New geographic levels were also added for many existing datasets. IPUMS Terra now includes first- and second-level harmonized and year-specific boundaries for most microdata and area-level datasets.

Read about IPUMS Terra's 2017 Summer Diversity Fellows' work on speeding up data transformations on the IPUMS & MPC blog.

IPUMS Terra (previously known as Terra Populus/TerraPop) was recently named one of GIS Geography's top 10 GIS data sources and featured in articles on GIS Geography and GIS Lounge.

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